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Who is LIMITLESS Capital?

LIMITLESS Capital LLC provides both debt and equity financing for residential and commercial real estate development, with over $100M in loans funded since inception.

For investors:

We help our investors build wealth through real estate, via our Debt fund that offers 10% annual returns paid monthly, and our Equity fund that offers over 50% ROI from new construction and land development projects.

For developers:

 We help real estate developers and builders who need financing for land acquisition, land development, and ground up construction.

For Investors

Step 1

We will schedule a consultation with you to get to know you and determine your investment path

Step 2

We invest your capital into Real Estate Equity and Debt investments (see below for examples)

Step 3

You receive monthly dividends of 10% (annualized). For example, $10,000 per year for every $100,000 invested.

You can always reinvest those distributions in the fund to earn compound interest!

Direct Lending Platform

We originate loans backed by tangible real estate assets. This direct approach ensures your investments are grounded in something real and substantial.

Risk Mitigation

Our loans take a superior, 1st lien position, with a typical loan-to-value ratio of 70% safeguarding your investments.

Protection in Default

In the rare event of a loan default, our well-protected collateral allows for quick foreclosures and property sales, often resulting in additional capital gains for our investors.

For Developers

Bridge Loans

  • Term: 6-18 months
  • Loan amounts: $250k – $10M
  • LTV: up to 70%
  • Asset types: Multi-Family, Single Family Investment, Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Light industrial, Self-Storage

Construction Loans

  • Term: 12-36 months
  • Loan amounts: $1M – $30M
  • Equity & Debt financing available
  • Land acquisition / development, vertical & horizontal construction

Fix-n-Flip Loans

  • Equity & Debt financing available
  • Purchase, refinance, cash-out, construction, renovation
  • Term: 6-12 months
  • Loan amounts: $200k – $2M

Multifamily Loans

  • Purchase, refinance and/or stabilization
  • Term: From 3 to 10 years, full-term interest only available
  • Loan amounts: $1M – $30M
  • LTV: up to 90%


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The Fund is open to accredited investors only.   Investors seeking consistent, risk adjusted returns that are non-correlated to the equities markets find the LIMITLESS Real Estate Fund a great diversified investment opportunity.  Investors also enjoy the passive, monthly income that comes with this investment which makes it a great fixed income alternative.
While the average investment is $250,000, the minimum investment is $100,000.  
Many IRAs allow funds to be directly invested into the LIMITLESS Real Estate Fund, however, 401Ks are not eligible for this investment.  Should your IRA not be eligible, you may be able to change custodians and move capital to a self-directed IRA to invest in the Fund. LIMITLESS Capital can help you navigate this process.
Since borrowers pay interest payments monthly, the Fund is able to distribute investor earnings on the same schedule.  Our accounting team closes the books at the end of the month and direct deposits (ACH) are made directly to the investor by the 15th of the month.
Yes.  If you want a growth strategy for your investment, you can opt to automatically reinvest your dividends directly back into your account.  You can make this election at any time inside of your investor portal.


The statements contained in this website do no not constitute an offer or sale of any securities of the LIMITLESS Capital LLC Real Estate Fund (the “Company”). Prospective investors are advised to carefully review the Company’s private placement memorandum, operating agreement and subscription documents (“Offering Documents”) and to consult their legal, financial and tax advisors prior to considering any investment in the Company.  Sales of any securities will only be completed through the Company’s Offering Documents and will be made to Investors who meet certain accredited investor standards. Past performance is not indicative of future returns or Fund results. Individual investment performance, examples provided and/or case studies are not indicative of overall returns of the Company. In addition, there can be no guarantee of deal flow in the future. Forward looking statements are not statements of historical fact and reflect the Company’s views and assumptions regarding future events and performance. All forward-looking statements address matters that involve risks and uncertainties.